A Note on Reviews

Back in my first year of college, the 2013/14 academic year, I studied Creative Writing at AS Level. It was by far the best subject I studied in college, possibly in my whole academic life – save for, perhaps, GCSE Fine Art or Physics (A bit of an odd mix, I know, but I’ll explain at a later date). During my year, I had 5 hours of contact time per week; 3 hours a week focusing on fiction and poetry, and 2 hours of non-fiction. It’s safe to say that those 2 non-fiction hours on a Friday afternoon were my least favourite parts of the course (excluding the exam because that is on a whole other level. It was awful.)

I did enjoy some parts of the non-fiction side of the course. I was once given the task of writing a magazine article on a subject of my choice, as long as it could exist in a real magazine. I chose to write about the Greek gorgon Medusa, and had a lot of fun writing about it. My least favourite non-fiction things to write were reviews. I was taught how to write professional reviews by following some rules that took the fun out of writing. Writing negative reviews were pretty easy – all I had to do was trash-talk the thing I was reviewing as long as I could back it up, but positive reviews were overly dull and, if my memory is correct, none of them ever got finished.

I love talking about things – films, books, TV series, games. I love talking about the plots, the worlds, the characters, their actions, and how those actions effected the character relationships or the plot of the media text I’m referring to. In and amongst those details, I also have to give my opinion on said text (as I’m sure we all do). In its own way, this is a form of reviewing the text, and this is how I plan on writing my ‘reviews’ on this blog. What I’ve done over the years is write my mini-reviews on Twitter in an unstructed, fanboyish barrage of tweets, but now I have this blog to write a much more eloquent and structured review on the media texts I consume.

What I mean to point out in this post is that the reviews I post on this blog will be pretty informal, and will not follow the rules set out to me in the 2013/14 academic year. They will be opinionated, of course, but also more of a way of discussion rather than telling you how to feel (that is, if one can describe talking about a topic alone  a discussion).

Also, I think it’s important to point out, they will be filed with spoilers. I’ll put “Spoilers” at the top of each post just in case though.